Now is the perfect time to invest in snow machine trailers, ensuring a smooth experience for wherever your recreation takes you. Navigating the sometimes exciting road conditions to reach your snowy destination demands a trailer that can securely transport your sled. While there are standard trailers that get the job done, there are also those equipped with all the enhancements to elevate your experience into something truly epic. We're here to guide you with our expert knowledge so you can choose what's perfect for you

Enclosed Snowmachine Trailers

Enclosed trailers are designed to be spacious, accommodating a variety of vehicles beyond snow machines, including ATVs and UTVs. Opting for an enclosed trailer provides superior protection compared to open alternatives, with doors on both ends serving as ramps. These trailers not only safeguard your vehicles but also offer ample cargo space, serving as a secure storage solution when your vehicle is not in use.

Loaded with features such as bunk beds, an electric toilet, power inverter, and more, these trailers are tailored to enhance the convenience of any trip. For those seeking a balance between work and leisure, optional heaters make these trailers versatile for various activities. The generous width facilitates side-by-side loading of snowmobiles, leaving ample room for tools, oil, gas, and other essentials. The practicality is further enhanced with built-in side cabinets for convenient storage solutions.

Enclosed trailers provide superior protection and ample cargo space for various vehicles, enhancing the overall convenience of any trip. Additionally, they efficiently transport your gear while adding a touch of style to your journey.

What we recommend: 7.5' X 14' ENCLOSED SNOPRO

Open Trailers

These trailers are cost-effective and lightweight, making them easier to tow. They have a flat design elevated over the axles to accommodate two snowmobiles. Open trailers differ in style based on the number of axles, length, and loading methods. Since open trailers lack walls and a roof, using covers is recommended to protect sleds from the elements.

Open trailers offer benefits such as minimal towing vehicle investment, easy loading and unloading, high visibility in mirrors, accessibility to gas sleds on the trailer, and improved gas mileage compared to enclosed trailers. Open snowmobile trailers provide a cost-effective and practical solution for transporting sleds with the flexibility of different loading methods.

What we recommend: 12' XTREME TILT